When You Are Putting in the Work and Not Getting Results

The problem with failure is, it's easy to believe in.

You took a shot and you missed. The failure was real and it hurt. Now when you step up to take another shot your are going to be thinking about the failure and how real it is.

At that moment don't bother taking action. Any action you take from that mindset is only going to produce more failure.

You see, if you're not getting the results you want your problem might be self discipline. Not in the fact that you need to do more work. You have self discipline and that is the problem.

People who have great self discipline are tough. They can endure pain, rarely complain and see inactivity as a repulsive weakness. This powerful character trait becomes a crippling handicap after failure. Your mind is focused on the mistake, but you are so tough you keep at it. You are the fly on the window pane.

It's time to use your self discipline but in a very different way.

Use your self discipling for your advantage. You are willing to do the work. That is impressive, but now set a new standard. You will only do the work from a mindset of power. A mindset of yes. A mindset of 'I got this.'

Sit down and visualize. See the result you desire. This stillness requires great self discipline. Stay at it until you feel what the success will feel like. Enjoy that feeling as long as you can. When feeling the feeling be grateful for it. Again this requires self discipline, something you have in abundance.

Now you are ready to try again.

Some goals are big and will require that you rinse and repeat. Just know that feeling success before you take action is always the fastest path.

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