Positive Thinking Doesn't Work!

Just in case you run into an individual who is not feeling in alignment with their power,

consider this.

The angry parent who screams... "I'm yelling because I love you!" isn't feeling love at that moment.

The frustrated employee who says... "I tried that and it didn't work!" Is not in a mental state that cultivates industriousness or problem solving.

When you hear someone scream, "I'm broke" or "I can't afford that." That person is feeling broke, attracting broke and in fact pulsating broke.

So, when someone criticizes you for working to manage your emotional states or out right suggests that you are naive for attempting to make your life better by first 'looking for the good.' Realize what emotion they are projecting when they cry...

"Positive thinking doesn't work!"

They are not practicing positive thinking at that moment, they are feeling frustrated, superior or perhaps even angry... and from that emotional state they experience what dose not work.

Their statement (combined with an understanding of their emotional state) is proof that what they are feeling is the flaw. It's proof that from a state of frustration, superiority or hostility you only get stuff that doesn't work.

Not that I'm trying to convince you to change anyone.

Just giving you some armor.

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