Phantom Pain

Phantom pain is a condition people suffer from after losing a limb. The limb is gone but the brain continues to send pain signals. Can you imagine? How tragic! The limb is not even there yet the individual continues to feel very real misery.

If you have all of your appendages you may suffer from a different type of phantom pain. It happens every time you tell a story of past suffering and feel pain in your now.

The cure for the physical condition is done with mirrors. Place the mirrors in such a way that it makes the patient see that they have two legs again. Then treat the real leg while the patients looks into the mirror. Their brain is tricked into believing that their missing leg is now been treated and the pain goes away.

Getting past emotional phantom pain also has a cure.

Step one - Shift your beliefs. It’s you life that deserves the attention, not your past or your pain.

Step two - Live in the now, enjoy this moment, celebrate your life.

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