It's Good to Want Things

Emotions are strange things, you can't see them. In fact you can't identify them with any of your physical senses. You can only feel them.

Emotions are proof of a soul. Proof that you are more than your physical body. Good emotions (that is to say emotions that make you feel good) are in alignment with spiritual force, infinite intelligence, God. Emotions that make you feel bad are not. This is why when you talk bad about your sister you feel a little gross inside. It's the 'all powerful' saying, "You have free will so you can go there if you want to, but I'm not going with you."

One more point before I explain the title.

Emotions are a form of energy and that energy wishes to express itself physically. This energy wishes to be painted, worked out, written, spoke about, video taped, spent, fondled or in any other way expressed so they can be felt, seen, heard, tasted or sniffed.

This is why desire is a good thing. Why it's good to want to go sky diving, own the new pair of shoes, meet sexy-fun people, see greedy seagulls who want you to know 'this clam is mine' or tour in fancy automobiles. Your desire to do these things is spiritual growth. It's your soul expanding.

So what happens when you repress these desires? What happens when you say, 'I really want to dance right now but everyone is looking.' What happens to this spiritual energy when you deny yourself your desires? Physics tells us that energy does not die, it can only change form. So where does repressed emotional energy go?

Chronic pain, extra weight, a tumor?


I'm barely scratching the surface here...

To be continued...

Until then... Do something that makes you happy.

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