How to Speed Up Manifestations

Hard Work is Not the Creative Force

One misconception about getting the things you desire is the belief that you:

1) Decide what you want.

2) Work like crazy to get it.

Have you ever applied this?

Have you ever decided you were going to make a change in your life got started, worked hard and did not get it? If so then consider that it's not you that is lacking. You did not fail because of a lack of discipline, talent or any particular resources. You failed because the formula (decide what you want and work hard) is flawed and it's lazy.

The Manifestation Formula

The formula for long term enthusiasm, massive growth and sustained productive action is this. Decide what you want. Tune your emotional state to that now. Follow inspired action.

Do you desire wealth?

If so, do you make statements like, "Im broke." "I can't afford that." or "That's too expensive."

Now those statements may be true but a wealthy person would not say those things because they would not feel those things.

I'm not suggesting you lie. I'm suggesting you tune your emotion to be more in line with the feeling of wealth. "I'm excited to be making this investment." "I'm learning new things." "I'm finding solutions to bring in more wealth." "I love being a business owner."

Do you desire health?

Do you make statements like; "I hate the way I look in this outfit." "It's so hard for me to loose weight." or "My family is all heavy, it's in my DNA"

Tune to the feeling of health before you try to take any action. You can begin with your dialog. "I like having a lot of energy." "There are many physical activities that I find enjoyable." "Fruit really taste good."

Is Hard Work, Lazy?

Preparing your emotional state to be in alignment with your goal, is not always easy. It takes mental energy and deliberate intent. On the other hand it is fairly easy to feel impatient about your desire, and then take one quick action. If you think about it action is not all that hard to take. This is why so many people are able to start the business or the workout program. The true hard work is in acting and feeling like the professional and the athlete from where you are right now.

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