How To Put Doubt In Its Place

You’re nine years old. You find a plank of wood a few bricks and you get a wonderful idea. Carefully you stack the bricks and lay the plank of wood on a perfect 30 degree angle. You step on the ramp with both feet and bounce testing the sophistication of your work.

“Strong enough.”

Grabbing your bike by the handle bars you push your way up the hill. The path is clear, 25 yards straight down hill and over the jump to glory. Your friends are there and even some unfriendly faces.

“You got this,” says a friendly face.

“Don’t wipe ouuut!” says an unfriendly one.

“I hate that guy,” you mutter.

You visualize the journey, straight down the hill over the obstacle perfect landing, kick out the back tire and spray Shawn’s stupid face with dirt. This is going to be awesome. You begin, and quickly you pick up speed, you like it. The jump is getting closer, the wind is picking up, like an echo you hear the cheering of the crowd and then… doubt shows up.

You are six inches from the ramp when your brain suddenly fills with images and sounds. The wood breaks, a tire falls off, you flying through the air, Shawn is laughing!!!! A blast of pain, the desire to cry, don’t cry, but it hurts! Tears, The doctors office and a cast. Shawn is still laughing! Ugghhh!!!

Doubt has a way of showing up at the worst time. You get excited about a goal, you start, you are having fun and filled with faith and optimism. Then doubt shows up and ruins the whole damn thing. You retreat to your comfort zone.

Confidence is a cure for the feeling of doubt but comes with a challenge. How in the world can one feel confident when you are feeling doubt? Impossible.

In this case adventure is an effective mindset alternative. It only requires a small shift in thinking.

In doubt you are focused on a feared outcome.

In adventure you focus on a desired outcome.

In doubt you anticipate problems.

In adventure you anticipate surprise.

In doubt your brain see images of failure.

In adventure your brain sees images of victory.

So what happened to our hero?

Well, once inch from the ramp he remembered how much fun this was all going to be… and Shawn went home covered in dirt.

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