How to Break Bad Habits

Have you heard of the law of cause and effect?

Do you believe in it?

Do you believe that a result (good or bad) has an origin? A force required to bring it into existence. Do you believe that in order to get results we must first do something?

I do.

But, I used to think that the cause was something physical. It's the moving of resistance that creates muscle. The stretching of the muscle that creates flexibility. The work that creates the success. But then one day I asked, "What is the cause of the work?"

And I realized there is an energy that leads to movement.

The pictures are proof of this. Didn't Nancy do a great job? You might think that it was her physical labor that created it. Her researching, shopping, sanding, painting and waxing that made this piece beautiful. But, there is more. Nancy believes in her artistic ability and her physical abilities. She has a feeling and a desire to make our home beautiful. She has an easy and fun spirit about working on and decorating our home. And it's that energy that is the cause. The work that comes out from her is an effect.

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