How to be Unlimited

We all form techniques that we rely on. Skillsets we bring to the table to solve the problem at hand. When those skills have been proven to be ineffective in a situation, you can feel scared and confused.

Our instincts are at first to apply our skill with more force, more speed or to throw more money at it. But this instinct must be avoided. You see, the circumstance itself holds the key to advancement. The adversity is God's way of getting you to look at it in a new way.

In martial arts you will find yourself making this mistake. You are trying to apply a technique, and it fails. Frustrated you think, 'He thwarts my attack every time.' The shift that leads to victory comes when you say, 'He thwarts my attack every time.' and recognize that you now know what your opponent will do next. His outstanding defense has made him predictable. What was once being used to defeat you is the exact ingredient you require to succeed.

To apply this process to your everyday life means you find a way to communicate with your teenager without them having to change. You build your business with the resources you have and surrender the idea that you need something else to come to you in order to be successful. You begin your new life from where you are and with what you have knowing that what ever obstacle can be utilized as a tool to create your success.

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