How Positive Thinking Paid off $88,000 of Debt

Several years back Nancy and I were given an award by the martial arts

industry, called the hurdler of the year. It was given in recognition

for overcoming the most crap. At the time we received it I talked

about the importance of perseverance and ‘never give up attitude’.

It’s time to set the record straight.

We were facing lawsuits, bad publicity on the news, loss of key staff

members, having several people steal from our business, a miscarriage

etc…. The point of this article as you will see is not about

overcoming hardship so the details of what we endured are not


What was important was I went home from lunch after a frustrating

morning trying to solve all of these problems. I made a soup and ate

from my office where I pulled out my journal. I was determined to

figure out solutions to the laundry list of pain that threatened our

economic well being. I must of been there for several hours and truth

be told, I knew none of my plans would work. Deep down I didn’t feel

like I had the resources of time, money, energy or help that I needed

to solve this. I was totally defeated.

In despair I felt a prayer and wrote it in my little book. “Tell me

what I need to do, Do you want me to eat dog shit? I’ll do it!

Whatever it takes just tell me what I need to do!!!!?

No answer came. Instead I noticed that It was 12 minutes till 4

o’clock. I had a class at 4 and it takes me 23 minutes to get to

work. I was going to be late. Fuck!

We had two dogs at the time. Kennedy and Klein. I had to get them

into the kennel before leaving for work. Kennedy went right in.

Klein decided, “no I don’t think so” and stayed outside of the kennel

entrance. I reached down for his collar and he jumped just outside of

my grasp. Then I chased him around the yard, cursing and shouting

like a lunatic. This went on until I was physically and emotionally

spent. I gave up, sat down on the grass and wept.

A moment later Klein walked over to me and licked my ear. I turned to

face him and he cleaned some salt water form my cheek. “Kennel,” I

said confidently. Obediently he glided in. As I closed the latch to

the door I heard a voice, one that was not from my normal internal

dialog. This voice was pure, free from self doubt or impatience. This

voice was deliberate and kind, generous and wise. It whispered,

“Celebrate life”.

When I heard the voice I felt a strange combination of relief and

responsibility. The relief came from hearing a solution I knew would

work. The responsibility came from knowing that all that I had been

going through, I created. You might suspect that this feeling of

responsibility created some guilt or even remorse, but that would be

completely inaccurate. The responsibility was apart of the relief I

felt. “I created all of this, I thought. I am the creator of my own

life. There is no one to blame, I’m in control!”

That ride to work was amazing, the sounds coming from the radio were

glorious, the movement of the vehicle was precise. I was enjoying the

feel of the steering wheel, the comfort of the seat, the view and the

joy of movement and power. I was buzzing, high on life. I was

looking forward to my four o’clock class and was hoping no one would

leave due to my tardiness.

As I arrived the students were lined up outside of the door. I

noticed one mom who was obviously upset that I kept her waiting. I

turned off the key to my car and glanced at the dash board clock, 4:02

pm. How I got there so quick, I’ll never figure out.

As I greeted my students I felt optimism and excitement. “Sorry, to

keep you all waiting, but let me just say…. It will be worth it.

Let’s have the best training session ever.” I smiled at the mom I

noticed driving in and gave a wink. She smiled back.

After that class I brought that attitude of celebrate life to my daily

work. Solutions to all of the stuff we were facing began to present

themselves, easily. Things started to work in our favor and the bad

news eased. It was fun and immensely rewarding.

You may be asking, “What does this have to do with paying off debt?”


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