Desire to Enjoy

I was working around my house yesterday cutting the branches off of some big pine trees. I was using a hand saw and noticed as I cut there was a sense of impatience, and an unnecessary amount of tension in my face and body. In catching myself wasting this energy I attempted to relax the muscles in my face, and started to enjoy to movement and effectiveness of the tool as it cut.

This process (I call it the desire to enjoy) is a simple one to employ. It will move you ahead faster and requires very little effort to implement. "I want to feel good. I want to enjoy this moment. I want to celebrate my life."

I know you want your big dreams to come true, and I'm going to give you the key to getting it. Start by trying to enjoy a moment you do everyday that you normally feel neutral about. Making a coffee, feeding the dogs, cooking the meal etc... Then move on to enjoying a task that normally causes you discomfort: Paying the taxes, talking to that person about that subject, filling out the applicat-

ion, waiting on hold for a representative etc...

Many people will let the circumstance determine their mood. When you take control and increase your desire to enjoy you are putting a welcome sign out to the universe. "This life thing is really fun. Please send more power, more fun, more joy and more abundance"

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