Find Out What is Possible When You Eliminate Fear.



My name is Scott Aksamit,  I'm a seventh degree black belt with a unique approach.  You see, I don't just teach self defense. I help people discover, cultivate and maintain their power. In life there are external forces that can work against you.  Other people, the economic environment or a tragic event can crush an individual.  I help them tap into the resources they need to solve those problems.  In fact I help them use those very problems to their advantage.


In martial arts, there is a technique for handling every problem.  Regardless of what the opponent throws at you there is a solution. In martial arts you also learn to use the opponents force to your advantage.  In training I learned that each technique requires an appropriate 'martial arts mindset' It's these mindsets that I teach my clients.  With these skills my clients are empowered to handle any negative event they face.  It's a process I call emotional self defense.

My clients are successful individuals.  They are executives, small business owners and moms and dads.  They have their lives together but they are getting hit.  Hit by a life event that they can't seem to move past.  This has them feeling stuck.  They want more but are not clear on the path they must take.  I help them develop a fighting spirit.  An 'I got this.' attitude that creates momentum and power.

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The first step is to set up a training session together.   It takes no prior martial arts experience and can be done regaurdless of your level of fitness. Click below to get started. 


Christy Stolpman

"I have been on anxiety medication since I was in Jr. High School. After training with Scott I gained control over my emotional state and simply forgot to renew my subscription. I use what he teaches everyday."


Maintain positive emotional states, become emotionally strong, live an empowered 'comfortable in your own skin' life.