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Purpose of the Book

  I love helping people win great victories, victories over the greatest adversity.  These victories are not like winning some contest against other humans.  Those events, backed by confetti, balloons and fireworks are short lived.  In this battle there are no opponents, but there is opposition. 

The opposition lies within.  It’s real, invisible and can’t be overcome with physical force, money or political power.  The only way to defeat this enemy is to go on its turf, within.  Alone.


The battle will have you sparring with your own beliefs, thoughts and everything that makes you… you. You won’t be unarmed, you will have the skills taught in this book to help.  The courage required however, must come from you.

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Win this battle and you won’t get a gold trophy or admiration from an appreciative crowd.  The reward you get is much more valuable and the applause you will feel comes from your highest self. Helping others win this battle gives me a condensed warm energy of joy.  I feel it in the center of my chest, just to the right of my spine. I wrote this book, to have more of that feeling in my life and to help a million win this battle for themselves.

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